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Kaitlyn Schnell

Kaitlyn Schnell


Phone: 403-556-4038

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Hello! My name is Mrs. Schnell and I am very excited to start my 4th year of teaching at Olds Koinonia Christian School! I teach high school English, Drama and Photography. I am so blessed to collaborate with fantastic young adults within my classroom as we grow together both in our academic and spiritual journeys. In my life, God has taught me to give complete control to Him and trust in Him always. 

My husband and I live on a farm, north of Sundre. We enjoy going out West to camp with friends to use the Maverick (side by side). I have been part of many church choirs and worship bands.. One song that I like is "Help Me Find It" by Sidewalk Prophets. It reminds me that God is always faithful and constant in His love; He will lead me down "the road I should walk."

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Things I Like: cooking, baking, playing music, singing, acting, sushi, running, dodgeball, warm weather, smiling, jokes, swimming, Shine fm, going to my grandparents, spending time with my brother, Youtube, laughing

Interesting facts about me: I climbed down a three storey apartment building, I am allergic to cats, I have met Paul Brandt three times