Family School Wellness

Program Description

The Family School Wellness Program works to provide support, connections, and resources for students and their families in order to meet their needs across a wide range of issues and challenges. Services are available for children aged birth to eighteen and their families within Chinook's Edge School Division. Family School Wellness is available during the school year and is free of charge. 

We believe that people are most well when they are safe, connected, valued by others, and engaged in meaningful activity. We also believe people are most motivated when meeting needs, living according to their values, moving toward meaningful goals, and making use of strengths and capabilities. In light of this, we are a strengths-based team working to bring forth the abilities, resourcefulness, wisdom and personal vision of the families we serve. 

We value the critical role you play in your child's development and well-being. We will seek your input, feedback, and participation in supports we may provide to your child and family. We also value the privacy of children and families and will discuss confidentiality and the limits of confidentiality in our first meeting. 

Services Offered

Family School Wellness workers are qualified to provide:

  • Preventative education programming in classrooms or community
  • Targeted skill development with students in small groups
  • Advocacy and support within the school and community
  • Referral to community agencies and resources
  • Individualized, short term support services to children, youth, and families facing social, emotional, or family challenges

Shared understandings: 

  • Students are welcome to make one self-referred visit prior to parental or guardian consent.
  • In most cases, involvement with our program requires both guardians' consent. However, there may be exceptions so please contact us. 
  • Program consent is valid for one year only.
  • Support is voluntary and you or your child may withdraw from the program at any time with written notice. 

If you would like more information, please contact the school.

Some helpful resources:
Olds Mental Health (Children's Mental Health Therapists) 403-507-8174
Family Services of Central Alberta 403-343-6400
Central Alberta Women's Outreach Society  403-347-2480
Kids Help Phone 1-800-668-6868
Distress Centre Crisis Line 403-266-HELP 
Anxiety BC Youth Website