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Dwayne Brown

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Principal, Teachers

Phone: 403-556-4038

Olds Koinonia Christian School has been part of my life since 1987 when I began my teaching career as a physical education teacher.  Yes, I did say 1987 almost 36 years ago.  I have been the principal of OKCS for the past 19 years and I am so thankful for the opportunity I have had to impact lives for Jesus Christ.  Olds Koinonia has blessed me in ways I simply cannot express in a bio, and I know it can impact your family for Jesus as well.

Joanne, my wife, and I, have four amazing children all of whom are married and have families of their own (11 grandchildren and counting).  All of our children attended and graduated from OKCS so I can personally attest to the impact the people involved in this school have had on our home.  OKCS has played a major role in helping my children choose to follow the Lord and personalizing their faith.  It truly does take a village to raise a child and OKCS has been that village for Joanne and me.

My life mission is to love God and love others thus one of my favorite sections of Scripture is found in Matthew 22:36-39.  You’ll need to look it up :)


Dwayne Brown