• ANNOUNCEMENTS - Announcements are made over the P.A. system at 8:45 each day. Any announcements to be made should be handed in to the office by 8:40.
  • CHAPELS/ASSEMBLIES - Elementary and High School chapels are held each week. Students should bring their Bibles to chapel each week.
  • EMERGENCY/FIRE DRILL PROCEDURES - Fire drills are held about 6 times per year. The evacuation route for each classroom is posted just inside the classroom door. In the event of an emergency or a drill, all occupants of the building are to follow the prescribed evacuation procedure quickly and silently.
  • HOURS OF OPERATION - OKCS begins classes at 8:45 am with a warning bell at 8:42. Dismissal time is 3:15 pm. Noon break is from 11:46 - 12:26. The doors to the high school are locked each day at 4:15 pm. There will be no access to the building after that time.
  • BUSES NOT RUNNING - Families involved in busing should refer to the Parent's Guide to School Busing which are handed out to all bus families at the beginning of the school year.
  • SCHOOL SUPPLIES - A supply list is provided on the website at the beginning of each year. Supplies should be clearly labeled with the student's name.
  • OKCS Newsletter - A monthly newsletter is sent to every family in the school. One student from each family is designated to deliver the newsletter. It is imperative that it be taken home conscientiously and given to a parent that day. Announcements to be published in the newsletter must be given to the secretary no later than 10:30 am on the first Monday of the month.  The newsletter is published the first Thursday of each month.


- AWARDS - An awards presentation will be held on the last day of school. The following awards will be given:
Academic Awards - for average of 90% in Grades 1-6, 85% in junior high, or 80% in senior high.
- Governor-General Award - highest average in subjects that are taken for credit in Grades 11 and 12
Athletic Awards - top male and female athletes
Attendance and punctuality - perfect attendance
Scripture memory - all memory work done
Scripture mastery - all memory work recited again in June
Huber Memorial Award - voted on by staff and students
Subject Awards - Music
- Art

- COURSE OFFERINGS - Grade 7-10 core subjects are offered on a full year basis. Grades 11/12 core subjects are offered on a semester basis as well as some electives for Grades 10/11/12.
In addition, music and CTS are available all year as electives.
Physics 20 and 30 are offered on alternate years with Chemistry 20 and 30. Spanish 10 and 20 are offered every other year with Spanish 30 offered on the alternate year.
A deadline is set at the beginning of each semester after which courses may not be added or dropped. This date allows at least a full week of classes before the deadline.

- GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS - The OKCS graduation requirements reflect the minimum requirements from Alberta Education for an Alberta High School Diploma. In order to earn an Alberta High School Diploma through OKCS, a student must successfully complete 100 credits which will include the following courses:
English 10 or 13, 20 or 23, 30 or 33 15
Social Studies 10 or 13, 20 or 23, 30 or 33 15
Math 10 (Pure or Applied) or 14, 20 or 23 or 24 10
Science 10 or 14 5
Biology 20 or Chemistry 20 or Physics 20 5
Physical Education 10 4
Career and Life Management 20 3
Bible 15, 25, 35 9
10 credits from CTS, Fine Arts or Second Languages 10
10 credits in Grade 12 subjects in addition to Eng and SS 10
at least 17 other credits 17
Total 100
Most students attain 110-130 credits by the end of Grade 12

- HONOUR ROLL - Students who attain a yearly average of 90% in elementary, 85% in junior high or 80% in senior high are placed on the honour roll. The student's name will be displayed on a plaque.

- JUNIOR HIGH OPTIONS - Junior High Options is a program designed to provide students with opportunities to discover and learn about various areas of interest. Junior High students may choose an option course for each quarter of the year.

- PROBATION (ACADEMIC) - A student who has a failing grade in any subject will be placed on academic probation resulting in removal from extra-curricular activities until the grade has improved. He/she will remain on probation the remainder of the semester.

- REPORT CARDS - Grades 1-9 report cards are issued 3 times per year. Grades 10-12 report cards are issued quarterly. Parents must sign the cards and return them to school as soon as possible. Opportunity is given for parent-teacher interviews after each reporting period with the exception of the period ending in June.

- SCHOLARSHIPS - Several scholarships are available to OKCS students. They include:
- The Huber Memorial Scholarship - $150 accompanying the High School Citizenship Award.
- Rutherford Scholarships - awarded to students enrolled in a post-secondary institution or apprenticeship for each year of high school in which an 75% average was achieved. Application deadline is May 1 of your graduating year.
- A variety of other scholarships are available. Information may be obtained from the Guidance Counselor.

- TEXTBOOKS - All textbooks are provided by OKCS and no fees are charged for their use. Proper care should be taken of these books. Should they be damaged beyond what is reasonable, the student will be charged for the damages and his/her report card will be held until payment is made.


- ABSENTEE POLICY - When a student is absent from school, a note or a phone call from a parent is required. Should the total number of absences reach 10% of the total number of days, high school credits may be withheld for the course. Special arrangements should be made for extended leave.

- BUS CONDUCT - Riders should be at their stop 5 minutes before the scheduled bus time.
- OKCS students who ride the bus are expected to behave in a manner becoming to a Christian student. This means that our treatment of one another, our topics of conversation and the attitudes we display should be Christ-like. The bus driver is in a position of responsibility and authority. Any rider who shows disrespect or disobedience will be reported to the principal and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.
- Students who normally ride the bus but wish to ride a different bus for a special occasion should ask their driver for a transfer slip which they will to the driver of the bus they wish to ride.

- CLASSROOM BEHAVIOUR - Every OKCS student is expected to show courtesy and respect at all times. All rules are to be obeyed and all assignments are to be completed on time and to the best of one's ability. A studious atmosphere should prevail during class time.

-DISCIPLINE - In order to build Christian character and maintain an atmosphere in which learning and Christian discipleship can take place effectively, negative attitudes or misconduct shall be dealt with firmly and quickly. Students are responsible to understand, support, and obey all school rules, honour the student pledge in and out of school and graciously submit to correction when it is given.

- DRESS EXPECTATION - Students are expected to follow the dress expectation. A copy is posted in each classroom. All students' dress should be modest, clean, neat and in good repair.

- HOMEWORK - It is expected that students in junior and senior high school will have some homework most evenings. It is reasonable for junior high students to have 45-90 minutes of homework several times per week while senior high students may have from 1 to 2 hours of homework each evening. Homework is to be completed conscientiously and on time. All incomplete assignments will receive a mark of zero. If a student works diligently during the school day, the amount of homework can be greatly reduced.

- LABELING � Books, clothing (including gym clothing) and other belongings should be labeled with the student�s name so that lost items may be returned to their owner.

- LATES - Repeated, unexcused lateness to school or to class will result in lowering of grades.

-LEAVING CLASS � Students are not permitted to leave any class without permission.

-LIBRARY CONDUCT - The library is a STUDY AREA and is to be quiet at all times.  No food or drink is permitted.  Books and equipment are to be used responsibly.  All books are to be returned on time.  Library privileges will be removed with the fourth overdue notice.   The �LOFT� will be used for study halls and is a privilege which will be given to those students who consistently demonstrate quiet and efficient study habits.

- RESTRICTED AREAS - The following areas are out of bounds for students except by permission: offices, staff rooms, kitchen, storage rooms, art supply room, mechanical rooms, music room and instruments as well as teachers' desks and chairs.

- SCRIPTURE MEMORY - OKCS requires each student to memorize a prescribed passage of Scripture each month. It must be recited with no more than 3 minor errors or prompts to a staff member by the end of each month. Scripture memory shall be included as a part of the Bible grade. Completion of Scripture memory is a requirement for continued enrolment at OKCS.

- SHOES - Students must make certain that the shoes they wear in the school building are clean and that they do not make black marks on the gym floor or tiled floors of the school.

-SIGNING OUT - All students who leave the school grounds during school hours must sign out at the office. Signing out requires a note or a phone call from a parent or the parent may sign out the student in person. Students who return to school the same day must sign in at the office to inform us that they have returned.

- STUDENT PLEDGE - At the beginning of the year, each student in Grades 7-12 is asked to consider carefully and sign the student's pledge. If a student is unable to sign the pledge honestly, he/she should question whether OKCS is the right school for him/her. Deliberate breaking of the pledge will result in disciplinary action.

- STUDY HALLS - Students who do not have a scheduled class must use the period as a study hall. Study halls are held in the library or in a classroom under a teacher's supervision. Study halls are to be used for homework or study purposes only. See Library Conduct.

- SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS - Substitute teachers are in the same position of authority as regular teachers and shall be given the same degree of respect and consideration. Disrespect shown to a substitute teacher shall be a matter for disciplinary action.

- VEHICLES AND PARKING - Students may bring vehicles to school with parents' permission. Vehicles should be parked in the high school parking lot. Students may not sit in or operate vehicles during school hours without permission. Student drivers are to enter and exit using the south driveway and to drive slowly and cautiously at all times on the school property.

- ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT - IPods, MP3 players, Gameboys etc. are not permitted at school or at any school function.


- CAREER COUNSELLING - Students who have questions regarding post-secondary education or employment should see the Career Resource person in the library. The OKCS library has an extensive file on post-secondary educational institutions as well a computer program designed to assist in determining the best educational options for each student.

- COMPUTER USE - The computers in the computer lab or in another classroom may be used by students outside of class time with the permission of that classroom teacher. Computers are to be used carefully and responsibly. No food or drinks are permitted while using computers. No outside disks are permitted. SEE Internet Access

- EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES - Extra-curricular activities available to students include volleyball, basketball, badminton, track and field, intramurals, student council, yearbook committee, musical ensembles, worship teams, Mexico mission, Mustard Seed ministry and other ministry opportunities. All students are encouraged to become involved in extra-curricular activities.

- HOT LUNCHES - Hot lunches are provided as a fundraiser usually every Thursday.  Hot Lunch must be odered in advance. 

- INTERNET ACCESS - Internet access is with supervision only. The librarian is available to help or supervise students who wish to do research or other school related work by using the internet. The library computers are out of bounds to students without the specific permission of the librarian or the assistance of a teacher.

- INTRAMURALS - Intramural sports at noon hours are available to all students on a sign-up basis. Students are encouraged to participate.

- LOST AND FOUND - A lost and found container is maintained in the elementary school link for items that may have been lost by students. Students may search for lost items in this container at any time. Each month the Lost and Found will be emptied and the items donated to the local thrift store.

- LOCKERS AND PERSONAL BELONGINGS - Each student is assigned a locker for his/her personal belongings. No locks are provided nor are they generally considered necessary in OKCS. Should you find it necessary to lock your locker, a key or the combination must be provided for your home room teacher and the vice-principal. Personal belongings - books, clothing, etc. - should be labelled clearly with the student's name. Personal belongings that are not in a closed bag and are left on top of the lockers or lying around in the school building will be confiscated. Tape should not be used inside lockers. Pictures and posters should follow the principle laid down in Philippians 4:8.

- MEDICATIONS - Students should take responsibility for any medication they may have been prescribed. Should this not be possible, the medication may be dispensed from the office. Tylenol will not be given out by the school without a permission note from a parent.

- MILK PROGRAM - White or chocolate milk are available at noon hour for the price of one milk ticket. Ice cream is sold on Tuesdays & Fridays. Milk tickets may be purchased at the school office, 10 for $7.50. They are not sold individually.

- PHOTOCOPIER USE - Students may use the photocopier only with the supervision of a teacher or the secretary. The cost is 10 cents per copy for personal use (assignments, etc.). Payment is required prior to use.

- STUDENT COUNCIL - The student council is chosen by the student body from among the Grades 7-12 students. The council consists of the president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer and a junior high representative from each class.

- TELEPHONE/CELL PHONE USE - The telephone for student use is located outside the main office. No other phone in any building may be used by students without special permission. Students must obtain a telephone permission slip signed by their homeroom teacher to use the phone. Students who need to take a phone call in the high school building may take it in any classroom with a telephone. Students will not be called to telephone during class time except in case of emergency. Personal cell phones are not allowed during the school day.

- VENDING MACHINES - These machines are for the use of Junior/Senior High students during lunch hours and after school. The candy machine may be used at breaks. Funds are used by the Student Council for student activities and projects such as the Handybus, sports activities, student fun days, etc.