Parents Commitment


The purpose of Olds Koinonia Christian School is to assist the Christian family in co-operation with the local church in training their children intellectually, physically, socially and spiritually toward maturity and responsible independence.

Rationale:  The effectiveness of the school will be strongly influenced by the dedication and spiritual maturity of the parents whose children are enrolled.  It is therefore essential that a certain level of commitment be given by each parent before enrolling their children.

Policy: At least one parent must agree with all thirteen of the following points. A spouse who cannot support all thirteen points must at least agree with and be supportive of points six through thirteen.

1. I HAVE received the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour.

2. I AM committed to active involvement in a local church.

3. I ACKNOWLEDGE that the Bible places primary responsibility on parents for the education of their children, and I am requesting this school to assist me in this God-given responsibility. (Deut. 6:4-9, Prov. 22:6, Eph. 6:4)

4.  I commit to modeling Biblical principles in how I live my life.

5. I HAVE read and fully accept the Koinonia Schools' Statement of Faith.

6. I COMMIT to pray regularly for the school, its Board and its Staff, and to teach my children to pray for their teacher and their classes.

7. I SUPPORT the mission statement of Olds Koinonia Christian School and will uphold its principles outside of the school as well as in the school.

8. I WILL SUPPORT the school in applying such discipline as outlined in the Olds Koinonia Christian School and Chinook's Edge School Division discipline policies.

9. I WILL immediately seek to resolve misunderstandings privately with the person(s) (i.e. faculty, staff, Board members, other parents) involved in accordance with the principles of Matthew 18.

10. I ACCEPT that the school reserves the right to dismiss any child who fails to comply with the established regulations and discipline, or whose family's financial obligations to the school are not met.

11. I UNDERSTAND that Parent-Teacher Interviews and Parent-Teacher Events are vital to building a strong school.  I will make every effort to attend.

12. I PLEDGE to pay my financial obligations to the school on or before the due date.

13. I WILL support the school through fundraising activities and donations as I am able.

14. I COMMIT to supporting the administration and staff by volunteering my help as I am able.