Admission & Registration

OKCS Registration Process

The school office is now closed for the summer. It will reopen on August 23. 

The Transportation Department will open on August 14.


Steps to register at Olds Koinonia:

1) Contact the school

2) Complete the OKCS Society Application, provided by the school

3) Attend an interview with Administration

4) Complete the CESD Registration for School

More Information:

OKCS Statement of Society Fees 2023-2024


Busing information - including costs

Admission Policy


  1. At least one parent or guardian must be a born again Christian and in full agreement with the Statement of Faith. Believing parents must give indication that they are actively practicing their Christian confession in the home through such means as family devotions, prayer, and Bible study. At least one parent must accept all parts of the Parents' Commitment.
  2. If one parent is an unbeliever, he or she must be supportive of the philosophy and standards of the school as outlined in all but the first four points of the Parents' Commitment and be willing for his or her children to be taught Biblical principles in accordance with the Statement of Faith.
  3. It should be determined, if possible, that the church attended by the applicant is in agreement with the School's Statement of Faith. A Pastor's Report from the church the family has been attending will be required as a part of the admissions process.
  4. Students who will be five years old by December 31 may be enrolled in Kindergarten, and those who will be six years old by September 30 may be enrolled in grade one.
  5. Prior to their enrollment in the school the parents or guardians shall be interviewed by
    a) The Principal OR
    b) The Principal and a board member or staff member OR
    c) At least 2 board members or staff members
    Each interviewing team shall have at least one person who has conducted interviews previously.
  6. Junior High and Senior High students who are applying to enroll shall attend the family interview.
  7. All applicants for admission shall be presented to the Board for consideration. Acceptance or rejection of applicants will be by written notice. No student will be accepted prior to receiving this notice.
  8. Priority in the admission of individual children will be given to families whose children are currently enrolled and to the children of staff members employed by the School.
  9. The Board may require an interview of a school family prior to re-enrollment of their children.
  10. The Principal has the authority to determine the grade placement of each student enrolling or re-enrolling in the school.
  11. Any family who is refused admission may appeal to the Board. The decision of the Board is final.
  12. There shall be an annual review of the Admissions Policy by the Board.